What Employees Want

Nearly one in four workers say they’re dissatisfied with communication at work. And no wonder: at home, they can dash off a text to answer a simple question. At work, they’re often constrained to emails, conference calls, and meetings.

How can enterprises help employees collaborate efficiently in this digital age? Download Kelton Research’s study to learn about the culture, tools, and systems that 1,459 knowledge workers say let them do their best work.

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What Workers Want eBook

What you’ll learn:

  • The top three things employees expect from enterprise companies in order to do their best work
  • How knowledge workers prefer to collaborate (hint: it’s not with more meetings)
  • Tips for how your company can create a more connected, collaborative workplace
It starts by listening.

Fast-moving HR teams rely on Slack

Slack is a vital tool for HR leaders around the world. See how they use it to save time, increase organization-wide communication, and work closely with cross-departmental partners.