Slack-Powered HR

The world of business is changing fast. Success often comes down to how well you keep your employees informed, aligned, and engaged.

Learn how Slack-powered HR departments accelerate change, save time, and strengthen relationships across their organizations.

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Slack-Powered Human Resources eBook

What youโ€™ll learn:

  • How HR leaders use Slack to increase their impact, both within their department and across the company.
  • How to accelerate recruiting, streamline new hire onboarding, and support employees more efficiently in Slack.
  • How to use Slack to improve and track employee engagement to make a positive impact on your workplace that improves the effectiveness of your entire organization.
This is HR's Time

Fast-moving HR teams rely on Slack

Slack is a vital tool for HR leaders around the world. See how they use it to save time, increase organization-wide communication, and work closely with cross-departmental partners.