The Remote Work Tech Effect

Slack research from March 2021 exploring how the employee experience of Australian knowledge workers is impacted by work models and the technology they use.

Half of respondents would look for another job if they were required to work full-time from the office, without the flexibility to work remotely.

Demand for collaborative tech is also at an all time high, with the right platforms and tools flagged by respondents as being critical to employee experience. An overwhelming 82% of Australian knowledge workers said tech that enables effective communication and collaboration is integral to their wellbeing.

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Remote Work

In this report we share key findings like:

  • 87% of respondents said software and apps are a more efficient way to communicate than email.
  • The desire for a fully integrated single platform, containing access to multiple apps was up from 75% in October 2020 to 79% in March 2021.
  • 82% said technology that allows them to better communicate and collaborate with their colleagues was critical to their happiness and wellbeing.