The Reinvention of Work - Singapore

Slack research from February 2022 exploring how the employee experience of Singaporean knowledge workers is impacted by work models and the technology they use.

Nearly half (49%) of respondents would seek a role elsewhere if their workplace didn’t associate their preferences for flexibility.

Demand for collaborative tech is also at an all time high, with the right platforms and tools flagged by respondents as being critical to employee experience. An overwhelming 76% of Singaporean knowledge workers said they would like to continue using the technologies and workflow processes that were adopted during the pandemic.

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The Reinvention of Work 2022

In this report we share key findings like:

  • 82% of Singaporean knowledge workers said they would prefer to work for employers that provide flexibility around when they work
  • While, 78% want the ability to choose where they work
  • Hybrid was the favoured work model overall (56%), significantly higher than working fully onsite (23%) or entirely from home (21%)

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